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Design and Operation of Industrial Battery Storage

The design and operation of a utility-scale battery storage system is for many companies new territory and definitely linked to many new challenges. Especially for companies that are not well experienced in the field of battery storage, we are offering a webinar to provide an introduction. This webinar will enable you and your colleagues to work with battery storage, to develop projects and to perform technical as well as economic assessment.

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Leon Gosh

Cellution (CEO)

The webinar will be hosted by Leon Gosh, an experienced system engineer and consultant, specialised in stationary battery systems with experience in R&D and field application.

Key Aspects

The workshop gives you a general introduction into different energy storage technologies with focus on electrochemical (battery) storage. It covers a broad variety of topics like market, applications, project development, design and operation.

You will be able to:

Understand different types of storage technologies
Perform a technical and economical assessment
Execute design and planning tasks for energy storage projects

Sample Slides

You can get an overview about the workshop by viewing sample slides available in the link below.

The workshop in person was already held in three different countries (Germany, Spain and Cambodia) on two different continents (Europe and Asia). For further information about the workshop and other services of Cellution, please contact Leon Gosh.

See Sample Slides

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The Webinar is Divided into Four Parts

The four parts will be held in different webinars with each 120 minutes duration

Part 1

Applications of Stationary Electrical Energy Storage
Case Studies
Technology Development
Cost and Market Growth
Q&A Session

Part 2

Life Cycle Phases 
Q&A Session

Part 3

Lead Acid Batteries
Redox Flow Batteries
Li-Ion Batteries
Calendar Lifetime
Cycle Lifetime
Q&A Session

Part 4

Capital Expenditures
Operational Expenses
Life Cycle and Levelized Costs
Design Process
Grid Connection 
Q&A Session

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